2014 Predictions – What You Must Know Now

2014 Predictions – What You Must Know Now

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There have been a lot of astrological 2014 predictions and a lot of changes in the that have been made since then. Here is an outline of some of the highlights of these events that have occurred:

• Central Banks currently have more power and control than ever
• With the Federal Reserve the interest has almost a 0 percent rate
• Printing of money has become normal solution
• Tax issue and reforms have become an even bigger issue
• Presidential leaders such as Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Muammar Gaddafi of Libya have been removed.
• The NSA continues to do their cyber spying although it is unlawful
• There has been several earthquakes and tsunamis along with proof in continental shifts

As we end the Cardinal Climax what does the future look like?  What will the new 2014 predictions be?

There are two opposite scenarios that will play out:

The first scenario in the 2014 predictions is:

• The stock market will crash as worldwide debt reaches it’s limit. This will create a lot of panic.
• The Government will completely shutdown and be unable to pay any debts.

The second scenario in the 2014 predictions is:

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  • Business leaders, Bankers, and the Government will get their act together and gain the peoples trust once again.
  • The political leaders will finally compromise and solve the debt crisis.
  • Businesses will be rewarded for hiring new employees and restoring current employees hours.

At this time it is very possible for the events to go either way. Unfortunately the last 6 years has set everything in motion and has led into these new 2014 predictions!

Since 3 planets Venus, Mercury, and Mars will go retrograde one after the other it will cause a lot chaos. These planets will be around until May. There will be policies changed by leaders at the last minute. Bankers will change rules and regulations without notice. Also there will be markets changing very fast.

President Obama

As predicted last year because of the way his natal chart is built with Neptune transitioning through his moon there could be a scandal. This scandal could be caused by a deceptive act that could mislead the people. He may lose trust and his reputation if he is not 100% honest. Unfortunately this betrayal is not felt only by the American people but also of those from several different countries such as Germany, Israel, and Saudi Arabia to name a few. He has failed to effectively communicate with everyone his intentions.

In September of 2014 his career could be in jeopardy since transitioning Jupiter is in conjunction with the Sun due to Saturn being absolutely opposite from his natal moon. At this time he is going to have to be absolutely honest or may be forced with a resignation.

2014 Predictions for the Stock Market

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2014 predictions for the government seem like more of the same stalemate until the elections! Photo by DonkeyHotey

Fortunately the stock market did not crash as I had predicted in 2013. At the time I did not understand what effects Pluto in Capricorn would have on the Central banking system. Pluto can completely manipulate the market and with Saturn in Scorpio this was made possible. The solution was to simply print more money and because of this the stock market should continue to rise.

What to Invest In and What To Avoid

During 2014 Jupiter moves between Cancer and Leo. At this time the stock sectors will outperform the general market sectors.

Jupiter in Cancer will be around until July 16, 2014. During this time certain stock sectors such as travel related adventures including hotels and motels. Family related investments that pertain to restaurants, homes, and caregivers will also do well.

July 17, 2014 to August 11, 2015 will bring better chances of investments that involve leisure, pleasure,games, love, dating sites, gold, and romance.

Since Saturn is in Scorpio until the end of 2014 certain investments such as banks, insurance, security waste, funeral, oil, gas, medical, and surgical supplies will not be a wise choice.

Since Federal Government will continue to have their hands in the stock market it will continue to rise. The Dow Jones stock market is not predicted to fall below 13,000. In the event that this happens we can expect to see a complete shift in the market.

2014 Predictions for Gold and Silver

The price of gold may fall due to the increasing of interest rates and bonds. Although in the event of a scandal and social uprising the price of gold will rise.

With Jupiter in Cancer and Leo along with Mars in Scorpio during July25th through September 14th could increase the price of gold and silver. As the demand for precious metals could also increase. However gold and silver will eventually become an important commodity. The price is predicted to rise as much as $3000 an ounce per gold. Along with the prediction for silver being priced at least $100 per ounce.

Weather Changes 2014 Predictions

Last year the prediction stood with a lot of flooding and strong storms that would create substantial damage. These storms were witnessed with floods, tornadoes, and typhoons in several areas throughout the world. Colorado, Canada, Europe, are some of the areas that witnessed floods. Along with a devastating typhoon in the Philippines.

Jupiter will be in cancer for seven months throughout the year. At this time Saturn will be in Scorpio and Neptune will be in Pisces this indicated that there may be more issues with water damage. Jupiter in Leo on July 16th with Saturn in Scorpio may also cause drought, fires, and extreme heat in odd places throughout the world.

The cardinal cross that is triggered by Uranus in Aries could cause extreme weather changes such as earthquakes, tsunamis, unforeseen power outages, and excessive climate changes.

Mars Retrograde From March 2nd through May 20th And How It Can Effect You

This is not the best time to make any major life decisions when it comes to starting a new job or relocating to a new home. It is also not a good time to pursue a lawsuit as those who pursue usually end up losing. It is also suggested to rescheduled any surgeries you may have planned until this phase has passed. Since this is a time of mechanical breakdowns and technical issues those who work in that type of industry will see an increase in work.

Summary of Forecast of 2014 Predictions

Economy and The Government

• Economy will not see much change
• Protest and riots will be on the rise
• Expect to see more bailout
Unemployment rate will rise
• Larger insurance companies will fail
• The cost of food and power will rise
• The price of Gold and silver will fall before it rise again towards the end of the year
• Bitcoin and other types of currency will flourish
• Publication print companies will continue to drop
• More whistle blowers will come forward
• The Governmentwill try to control the internet more and take away the freedom of the internet

Medical and Health Care

• Stem Cell therapy will improve
Cancer research and treatment will have many breakthroughs
• Genome sequencing will see a lot of progress
• The mobile fitness market will improve
• Certain Apps for Diabetes and blood pressure will become popular
• More people will become interested in their own health and well being

Housing and Living

• Passive Housing becomes the new normal
• Cities that offer substantial living become more common
• Green Technology will grow• Cities will become more digitally connected with safety features for there citizens.


• Wearable technology will be the new thing
• Google Glass will be available
• Apple iWatch will finally reach the market
• Tablet and iPads will be used more in the educational sector
• Batteries for mobile device will be improved
• Space travel will vamp up
• The use of robots will be more frequent
• 3D printing will become popular and more easily available
• More smart devices for tracking will be used
• A sudden surge in time travel experiments will be conducted
• The exploration of space and universes will continue to be researched
• Social media will play a more active role in helping people find work


• Extreme weather is predicted
• More earthquakes
• Extreme heat and cold
• Water damage such as flooding
• New land will rise from the sea
• Unusual power outages
• Emergency survival kits that include water and food will be necessary due to extreme weather
• More of an understanding of our oceans


• An awaking will become more widespread
• People will start to connect with their ancestral tribes
• Large numbers of people will move to be around people who are similar and share the same values.

Final Words on 2014 Predictions

The Cardinal Climax offers a unique opportunity to bring forward several changes to the world as we know it. These changes can actually change the world for the better. Although these changes may seem to be a chaotic catastrophe it is all part of natures way of correcting what has been destroyed. We are also given a unique opportunity with astrological predictions. Since Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn are still in the game we may be able to create the type of world we would like to live in.

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