The Myth of Free Psychic Readings

The Myth of Free Psychic Readings

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You can find free psychic readings if you know where to look on the internet. Photo by Bigstock

Nowadays, one can find a psychic reading through various sorts of mediums. Whether it is in person, on the web, or via telephone, there are many psychics readily available. Finding psychic readings – and even free psychic readings – difficult process at all. In fact, it’s painless. Simply do a Google search, and you will find many top notch psychics. ┬áBut are they legitimate?

Finding the Right Type of Free Psychic Readings

Finding a psychic medium is not the hard part; that’s painless. The challenge here is finding an affordable one. There are even a plethora of psychics out there willing and able to give you a free reading. Do be cautious, though. Keep in mind that many of these free psychic readings are in place to draw customers in, and have set limitations.

A Tale of Two Types of Free Psychic Readings

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Just because you find free psychic readings doesn’t mean they will be good readings. Photo by Alaskan Dude

The first is that a psychic will offer a set amount of free minutes with a potential client. These are usually done over the phone, and you have to provide personal information–including credit card information–in order to quality. Unfortunately, there is a chance that you will be charged if and when you go over the allotted free time. A rule of thumb with these particular readings is to keep an eye on the clock and to not let yourself go over the amount of free minutes. With that in mind, these free readings are a great way to get a feel for certain psychics and a chance to experiment until you find one you really like and feel comfortable with.

Free Psychic Readings by Email

The second common method used by many psychics to provide free readings is via email. To start, basic questions will be asked: birth date; name; email etc. After receiving this specified information, a reading is then provided to you. These free psychic readings, while some may be very good, tend to be more vague and indirect. It is nothing like a live, in-person reading from a psychic you can connect with.

Looking at the Feedback from Free Psychic Readings

Another tip is to search for psychics who give clients a platform for feedback, such as forums and message boards, or even chat-rooms. Do a little bit of research. It’s good to hear others’ personal stories. Also remember to look for psychics who offer guarantees and great customer service. If a psychic isn’t offering this, you might want to look elsewhere.

Free psychic readings are a terrific way to get interaction with psychics, even if there are set limitations. The best place to look for a psychic is via a search engine like Google or Bing – and use filters if you must. Keep an eye out for psychics that offer free readings to first-time customers or, at the very least, offer to answer a free question. Give it a try. More likely than not, you will eventually find a psychic medium you connect with and feel comfortable getting readings from.

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