Using Psychic Reading to Expand Your Higher Self

Using Psychic Reading to Expand Your Higher Self

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Can a psychic reading online reveal your higher self? Photo by Julie Lane

The definition of Higher-Self can vary between individuals much like what a psychic reading is. Although it can basically mean that Higher- Self is part of your consciousness and not part of human awareness. The Higher-Self has often been associated with a persons soul . The soul can be referred to as over-soul which means the soul of your soul – something a good psychic reader can tell you in a psychic reading. When it comes to the Higher-Self this part is more aware of everything compared to our human-self. In spiritual matters the Higher-Self is responsible for receiving guidance, healing, and blessings. This includes a connection with God, Allah, Creator, Brahman, Source, the Essence of Self and Creation itself.

Psychic Reading and Different Cultures Views on the Soul

Each culture is taught differently when it comes to making a connection with our Higher-Self. The most common ways of connecting is through prayer or meditation. This allows to use to have a psychic connection through our psychic anatomy. This psychic anatomy includes the consciousness, invisible anatomy,and energy anatomy. Some examples of this are chakras, auras, lightbodies, meridian, light channels, hara, wheels of light, auric bodies, nadias, and koshas. By meditating the Higher-Self can become more balanced, calmer, focused, and harmonized. This makes it easier to receive messages, blessings, and healings to our human-self. This method can be compared to being in a room full of noisy people where we would be unable to hear the person next to us. Mediating allows us to focus on the message being told to us without be distracted.

Psychic Reading and Spiritual Guidance

When it comes to the blessing, spiritual guidance, and healing effects it comes from psychic energy. Psychic energy can come in the form of spirits, prana, ki, qi, chi, emotional, mental, and consciousness. This is moved through your Higher-Self which is all part of your psychic anatomy that is connected to your human-self. Along with being connected to your psychical body. Once you have learned to enhance these aspects of yourself you will be able to focus better. You will be able to receive the messages that are intended for your Higher-Self through meditation.

With scientific research it has been discovered that psychic energy are transformed into electromagnetic signals. These signals are sent to your brain and body. In return these signals can be interpreted and transformed.

Your consciousness is able to control the psychic energy that it receives. This can happen by simply focusing and visualizing your intentions. You can focus on positive thoughts and emotions to heal yourself. As well as rid yourself of depressive thoughts. This can have positive results that can improve your health and well being.

Energy Healing– Empowerment, unlike psychic reading, is Reiki, Healing Touch, Prayer, Qigong, and Yoga are the basic concepts when it come to psychic energy exercises. There are also three types of practices that are currently used that can improve your health and well being. These three practices are Psychic Anatomy Yoga, Psychic Anatomy Exercise, and Psychic Anatomy Treatments. When it comes to these types of practices they all work by helping to teach you to focusing on certain psychic energies. This works by taking a healthy approach and using certain routines to make it effective.

In the majority of cultures the Higher-Self is what receives guidance and blessings. For those who are spiritually connected they may spend a lifetime trying to perfect this connection. As science advances we will understand the true nature of the Higher-Self. Also through spiritual advancements we will become more aware of what our Higher-Self is capable of. With psychic energies we will be able to receive spiritual guidance, heal ourselves, and improve the quality of our life. This will make each individual happier and healthier in the long run.

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