Tarot Reading – What Questions Can You Ask?

Tarot Reading – What Questions Can You Ask?

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If you’ve ever thought of getting of an online tarot reading, you may have wondered what sort of questions you can ask.  I know many people have come to get a tarot reading and had their minds go completely blank because they didn’t know exactly what questions to ask.  Today, we’ll explore exactly what types of questions you can ask during a tarot reading and what questions will yield the best answers

What types of questions are appropriate for a tarot reading?

Technically you can ask tarot any ethical question in which you are the subject of the question. However, there are certain categories of questions that don’t receive clear or helpful answers. Tarot will never give an answer such as black/ white, yes/ no, or good/ bad. Instead, tarot is a lot like a story that describes a situation. Additionally, tarot will not make decisions for you. It will never tell you what you should do. It is up to you to take account of the advice given to you by tarot. Also, tarot cannot supply you with an inevitable outcome. Using certain spreads, there are times when a tarot reading can give you an outcome of a situation. However, this outcome is based upon nothing changing in the present circumstances. If you are unhappy with the outcome, you must be the one to change the circumstances.

 The following are the most frequently asked types of questions for a tarot reading based on my own experience.

  • Questions regarding the evolution of something. This type of question is asked when you want to know what the consequences will be from a specific situation. Generally, tarot is able to give a clear and beneficial answer when this type of question is asked. Most often, you are given an indication of where difficulties may be possible.
  • Questions involving the description of a certain situation or when a person wants to know further information about the background of a situation. This is most frequently found with introspective questions.
  • Questions involving personality. For instance, “ It is hard for me to communicate with others. What, in my history, caused these problems?”
  • Questions that ask for specific advice from the tarot. An example includes, “What changes can I make to myself to help give my relationship a new start?”

The questions listed above can lead to a good tarot reading. However, people frequently ask questions that are not meant for the tarot. These questions ask for a black/ white or yes/ no answer or ask that the tarot make a decision for them. The following are examples of these questions.

  •  Yes/ no questions such as: “Will I marry the boy I went out with last week?”
  • Questions that request a decision of the tarot such as: “Should I go to the Caribbean or Canada for vacation?”
  • Questions regarding time such as: “ When will I have a baby?” Tarot is not able to give a specific timing on any subject. Tarot involves description

Thinking of Good Questions for a Tarot Reading

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A tarot reading can help you to answer many questions. Photo by joguldi

“Tarot for Yourself”, written by Mary K. Greer, describes a yes/ no spread. I have never tried it. I think that these types of questions significantly limit the possibilities of the tarot. However, this would be a type of spread that I would potentially use. By the way, this spread can have a neutral outcome. There are times when people ask several types of questions in one, also called double questions. An example includes: “Is my relationship solid and how will it change over time?” Also, a question should always involve yourself. Never ask questions regarding others such as “How is the relationship between my wife and the neighbor?” The tarot can never answer a question like this and it is also considered unethical. Tarot readings are not intended for purely materialistic reasons. The tarot cannot tell you where a treasure is buried or the winning lottery numbers. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot ask questions about material objects. If you are related to the question, tarot may give you an answer. For example “Where will I purchase a new house?” is not a good question. However, “what does a new house potentially mean for me?” may receive an answer from the tarot.

 When should you ask for a tarot reading?

The answer is simple: when you need to. This shouldn’t be influenced by anyone else and certainly not by an unscrupulous tarot reader. Listen to your inner voice only. Another question frequently asked is, “What is the length of time I should wait in between readings?” Follow the tips below.

  • Always follow your inner voice.
  • Certain spreads may give you an intermediate answer. If you reach this point, request a follow up reading. However, if anything has changed regarding the initial circumstances, the outcome may never happen.

Finally, never ask for another tarot reading on the same subject too fast. Give yourself time to process the first reading. Never rush it! You are not a machine. I suggest waiting at least one month, if not two, between tarot readings regarding the same subject. Follow this advice and you will have the best tarot reading possible!

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