Are Some Ghosts Harmful?

Are Some Ghosts Harmful?

ghosts spirits psychic medium by Johnson Cameraface

Are Some Ghosts Harmful? by Johnson Cameraface

When people think of the word ghost, an automatic vision of a spirit that is limbo (stuck between this existence and the next) springs to mind. However, there are actually many different kinds of ghosts which all have unique traits.

There are many different ways to refer to these different kinds of ghosts and everyone has their own terms. We categorize them as Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts, and Poltergeists and often it’s psychic mediums who communicate with them.

Ghosts or Earthbound Spirits

When somebody’s life finishes and their soul leaves their body but refuses to abandon the person and stays in our existence it is referred to as an Earthbound Spirit. This is the most common form of ghost and the kind that most people are familiar with.

Earthbound Spirits are confused and feel hazy regarding their current condition and surroundings. They are unaware they are no longer alive and randomly wander about but have a tendency to stay close to the people and places which are familiar to them. They are essentially trapped by the life they used to have and will often try to communicate with the living, however it is mainly unsuccessful.

ghosts poltergeist spirit spiritual mediumd by Shain Erin

Many movies represent ghosts as evil and malicious. Photo by Shain Erin

An Earthbound Spirit is unable to draw energy from the Divine Source and therefore must seek an energy source to tap into in order to survive. They will stalk people they knew when alive and seek energy from them which can be harmful to both them and the person. Their intention isn’t to hurt a loved one but simply it is out of necessity to survive.

The weakness of an Earthbound Spirit means it is unable to interact with the physical world in any way and the only way of actually knowing one is near you is the feeling of weakness or becoming run down. As an Earthbound Spirit becomes more experienced they will eventually learn how to draw more and more energy from its surroundings and eventually become a fully fledge ghost.


A weak Earthbound Spirit will initially draw energy from loved ones, however, at some stage it will learn to draw energy from its surroundings. This may happen after a loved one has died. As it draws energy from its surroundings it can become freer to go where it pleases. With this independence, the ghost will wander around only attaching itself to a person if it has a connection. The ghost likes to stay with a person or in a place where it feels comfortable.

While an Earthbound Spirit will stick close to the people and places it knew or feels comfortable with, a ghost has the ability to roam freely and go where it pleases. It may not have the ability to interact with the physical world, however, it may be able to materialize even if just for a brief moment.

A ghosts is essentially an Earthbound Spirit which has been around for a long time, even centuries. While an Earthbound Spirit has the illusion of being alive, a ghost has been around for such a long time that it has forgotten. If a spiritual being was to find and escort an Earthbound Spirit to the next plane of existence, it would go freely and happily, however, a ghost has forgotten it was once more than a ghost and may require some convincing.

Poltergeists – The Evil Ghosts?

If a ghost has been around long enough it will learn how to interact with the physical world and at this stage it becomes a poltergeist. A poltergeist has learned over time how to manipulate the energy surrounding it and can interact by moving objects, making sounds, speaking, and occasionally actually harm a living person.
Poltergeists who live in a home which is inhabited with other people may play games and hide objects from them. Sometimes, it will even physically move objects or cloud a person’s mind so they cannot see an object which is right in front of them.

Once a poltergeist has been removed from a house it is common to hear of objects turning up which have been missing for a long period of time. These objects will just suddenly appear where they were supposed to be the whole time.

For example, a watch which had been left on a nightstand but has been missing for months or even years will suddenly re-appear on the nightstand in the exact place where it went missing. This is because the watch was never actually missing. Poltergeists tend to show a lot of interest in bright and shiny objects such as watches.
While an Earthbound Spirit draws their energy from a loved one or someone they are close to and a ghost draws their energy from their surroundings and the living who they attach themselves to, a poltergeist finds its energy from human emotion.

When a person becomes upset, angry or frightened a negative energy is released which is extremely powerful and it is that energy that a poltergeist craves. This is the reason poltergeists love to scare and frighten people. The more emotion a person shows, the more energy a poltergeist receives.

Although it is true that some poltergeists are harmless, most are very vicious. Despite how they may act, living with an Earthbound Spirit, ghost or poltergeist is simply not a good idea. Living with these entities can become extremely draining and cause a sense of confusion, disorganization, laziness or sickness. The emotional toll of living with these can be extremely draining.

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