Halloween – The Real Story

The Real Story Behind Halloween

Have you done any research concerning what Halloween really started or ever thought about? Where in the world the present customs of carving pumpkins -‘o-Lanterns and Trick or Treating and wearing costumes that could be either frightening or amusing or simply plain adorable came from? All these are matters that many people have not necessarily thought about or even understand anything around. The real history of the vacation that individuals realize as Halloween is anonymous to the majority of folks and somewhat overcast. Yet there are a number of folks all over the world that have become attentive to history and the customs included here.

Halloween and All Saint’s Day


Where did dressing up in costumes for Halloween come from? By: liz west

Among the primary things that should be said here is the present manner of writing Halloween and spelling is in fact an upgraded variant of exactly what the vacation initially started out as; which is in reality Hallowe’en. This traditionally occurs on October 31st each year. On the current calendars All Saint’s Day which is November 1st is immediately preceded by it.

To get to the facts about where and when the custom of that which we currently understand as Halloween and conventions and practices ACTUALLY came from we must go back 1000s of years and to nations and another continent entirely. A part of this annual celebration also marks the coming of the year’s Darker Half, meaning Winter and Fall.

There are Parties or 8 Sabbats that particular things mark. Old and today’s Pagans are constantly noting what’s happening all around them and observe the changing of the Seasons of the phases of the Moon as well as the year. Samhain, and Halloween, autumn to the thirty first day because that is the day that most Pagans for that matter, and the Celtic people, felt the existence of the spirits than another almost all the time. It’s this fact that enables the dead to roam the World/Physical Realm’s spirits freely.

It’s this fact, along with people’s anxieties about the look of those that had perished that caused the custom of wearing in the very first place to Costumes. For the most part what’s now a satisfying and approved element of Halloween initially started as a means to keep the roaming Ghosts and Spirits away Living they happened to come across. Now we choose to create costumes or look in the shops and online.

Trick or Treat

The cash Trick or Treat Sweet which is spent in the things which are so readily related to Halloween: Costumes and Totes, conventional foods is just STAGGERING and Pumpkins!!! Foods like Indian Corn and Pumpkins, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Apple Cider, Apples, Various Gourds and Diverse Candy/Candy Corn have been basics of our annual Halloween parties.

Lighting ENORMOUS Bonfires are involved by another big element of the first Pagan celebration of Samhain outside. The reason individuals generally did this and behind this was additionally to scare the Ghosts/Spirits away from their properties, their houses as well as themselves. Cloaks’ outside Bonfires and donning /Animal Skins have given way to the current customs and carving Jack ‘o Lanterns which frequently possess a big lit candle set in them.

The real history of Halloween’s final element calls for how it really became what we today understand as Halloween. Well, that element of the narrative came around after the Catholic Church was formed. It is not an assault now but just a historical fact that can’t be challenged. The leaders of the Catholic accommodated or eradicated those they didn’t enjoy and embraced a lot of the Pagan spiritual customs; so Samhain became Hallowe’en/All Hallows Eve. Make no mistake concerning the fact Samhain was and is a spiritual celebration on the list of Pagan and Celtic people, one that survives to today!

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