Rune Casting – Origins and Uses of Runes

Rune Casting – Origins and Uses of Runes

runes rune casting astrology by DrakonsLair

Runes have been used for thousands of years to divine the future. Photo by DrakonsLair

Runes are a form of divination that dates back to ancient times. Runes used as a whole are typically called runescripts. The ability to read runes will depend on the ability to make rune tiles, purchase rune cards, or find rune stones. Magick runes have been used for many purposes for thousands of years. These are used on a daily basis for spell casting or with various magickal workings. The best way these will be useful is to incorporate various symbols into basic spell casting, or rune casting as it’s become known.

Learning Runes and Rune Casting

A list of symbols that can be used in rune casting can easily be found online and in various books. Time is necessary to see an effective use of runes. Getting discouraged is common when the right outcome is not achieved. However, a typical spell often requires practice to turn out correctly.

Making Your Own Runes for Rune Casting

runes rune casting magick runes by DrakonsLair

Spells and magick can be enhanced by the use of runes. Photo by DrakonsLair

Runes can be purchased or made by hand in many ways. Runes can be written on any cards using felt tip markers. Another option is to mark blank wooden tiles with various symbols. The options available to make runes is numerous and only a few will be mentioned.  Whether you buy them or make your own, they will be just as effective in using runes.

Stone Runes in Rune Casting

Stones are also used to create runes. Flat stones or stones in certain shapes can be marked with symbols. Another option which is available is to draw runes on small pieces of paper. The papers are useful for basic correspondence and any magickal workings. Papers can also be placed on spell candles.

Rune Casting

Once magkal runes have been obtained or created, then they can be put to use. There are many ways to use runes and only a few options will be mentioned. The most common use for runes is with any forms of correspondence to enhance spell work and spell casting. A spell that is being done for a fee can have runes included in a spell which symbolizes wealth. A green colored candle is an option that is used as a symbol for money. A rune can also be included for spells done on the right phase of the moon. The best option when enhancing a spell is necessary is to incorporate of a rune onto any spell candle.

Enhancing Spells Through Rune Casting

Enhancing any spell casting and spell working is done when a magickal rune is being incorporated. This can be done for more than just the spell itself. There are many ways to implement runes into a spell working or spell casting. Runes that are used to symbolize current any conditions or the sequence of outcomes being desired is called a runescrtipt. A runespcript is its own form of potent magick that goes beyond the standard rune casting but that’s a story for another time – enjoy!

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