Chinese Astrology Year of the Horse Feng Shui Advice

Chinese Astrology Year of the Horse Feng Shui Advice

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The ancient practice of Feng Shui is an old tradition that is used to enhance the positive flow of energy in your surroundings, and ultimately, your life. In accordance with Chinese Astrology, 2014 is the year of the horse, and although it is predicted to be a good year, there will also be potential setbacks and pitfalls to watch out for. This is said to be a year that will be beneficial for those who are patient, or to help gain patience, if handled correctly in chinese astrology.

Chinese Astrology Energetic Tips

This is the year of more opportunities to meet new people if you are single. Make certain that the energy levels in your bedroom are balanced. You should also be able to maintain good health and have a moderately successful year in business and your career if you manage your energy flow well using these Chinese Astrology principles.

The New Year in Chinese Astrology

tarot readings online psychic readings chinese astrologyAccording to Chinese Astrology, the year of the horse officially begins on January 31, 2014. Changes which are expected include the need for self-control and to practice quietness and patience, as some challenging energy may be on the horizon affecting your career. The key to your success this year will be to remain vigilant and wait for the best time to act. Don’t just rush in or you may have regrets. There are Feng Shui cures that can help you to better manage this energy and be more successful as you also take advantage of the positive energy coming your way. The order of the year is going to be in managing your personal energy both at home and at work, and practicing patience.

Improving Your Luck Using Chinese Astrology

Here is what you can do to improve your luck with Feng Shui cures for the year of the horse. Begin searching for the Feng Shui cures that will best meet your personal needs such as amulets, crystals, essential oils, bamboo, and air purifying plants. Find combinations that will easily work for home and again for the office.

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Feng Shui can help to override from negative things that will happen in chinese astrology this year. Photo by utnapistim

Arrange the furnishings and objects in your home and office so there is room for a free flow of positive energy in each place. This will have an effect upon your energy flow when you are inside, and you’ll want to pay careful attention to ensure the best movement of energy for your rejuvenation, and to avoid a stagnation, or blockage, which could present delays and other less than positive issues. Every room is different and you will feel these variations in mood and energy flow when you enter them. It is important to ensure that you bring them into balance to achieve the optimum flow to meet your needs.

As you are keeping matters of timing in mind, be aware that the best hours for the year of the horse are between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. In your advance preparation for 2014, you will find that the simple steps you take now to train your mind in sync with the requirements for success in the upcoming year, will pay off as you struggle less and accomplish more with these Feng Shui tips for the Chinese Astrology sign of the horse.

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