Real Tarot Reading Myths and Misconceptions – Part 2

Real Tarot Reading Myths and Misconceptions – Part 2

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Do you know the real tarot reading truth? Or do you still believe some of the myths? Photo by Bigstock

Last time, we covered the first five of the ten most common real tarot reading myths.  While there are even more real tarot readings misconceptions than we will cover, we narrowed it down to the top ten real tarot reading myths.  Now, find out the last five real tarot reading myths.

Real Tarot Reading Myth #6: “ You must have some level of psychic ability to read the Tarot.”

Actually, almost anyone can learn to read the Tarot to a greater or lesser extent. Psychic powers are not needed because all the wisdom is in the cards and the meanings that have been developed over the years. In fact, if a person were psychic, they would not need to use the Tarot. Tarot actually works best when the reader is able to drop their preconceptions and feelings about a situation. You should simply let the cards do all the talking.

Real Tarot Reading Myth #7: “Never let someone else handle your Tarot deck.”

While there are some readers that will not allow others to touch their Tarot cards or even allow the questioner to shuffle the deck when they are carrying out a reading, this is merely a control thing based on my own experience. I have noticed that many people who do this do it simply to build themselves and their decks up to be something special. This is actually against the spirit of Tarot which promotes a sharing of understanding and open enquiry. By giving clients the ability to shuffle the deck themselves they may feel they are more of a part of the process and focus better on the problem at hand.

Myth #8: “You can use the Tarot to effect other people or cast spells.”

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By knowing the real tarot reading truth, you can have better tarot readings. Photo by allisonshawn

It is a misconception that the Tarot can be used to make things happen or to influence someone’s life from afar, whether for good or evil. This is not what the cards are about. They are simply meant to gain an understanding. There is no reason to believe that the Tarot has any powers other than that of insight. One of the most common messages that result from a Tarot reading is actually how little ability we may have to influence our own lives or anyone elses. In simple terms, the Tarot would likely say “get your own act together before you to try to change others.”

Real Tarot Reading Myth # 9: “Using different decks results in different readings.”

Based on my own experience, no. Regardless of the deck, the meanings that were derived over four centuries ago remain the same today. However, different people may relate differently to some decks rather than others. The images the client is most at ease with will create the best atmosphere for a reading to be conducted. A skeptical person might even believe that this myth was started by deck manufacturers.

Real Tarot Reading Myth #10: “ Having too many Tarot readings can be dangerous.”

There is the belief that a person who constantly has one reading after another or becomes obsessed with the Tarot and brings bad luck to themselves. In fact, this belief also states that it can push the person over the edge. While this may be true because seeking constant advice can be indicative of an impending crisis, it does not create danger. Such people were likely close to the edge anyway. The primary thing is that too much advice can be bad for any person and only leads to confusion.

And that concludes our series on the top ten real tarot reading myths and misconceptions.  Hopefully, now you are more educated and can tell fact from fiction and won’t be suckering in by lies but instead know the real tarot reading truth!

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