Your Own Tarot Card Readings Business In Simple Steps

Your Own Tarot Card Readings Business In Simple Steps

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Tarot card readings are a taboo subject in some parts of the world. For many years, the public would embrace tarot care readings online to reject them later. When tarot card readings are in fashion, a tarot card reader can make loads of money. Sometimes enough money to live on. If tarot card readings are on a down swing, keep your day job.


Doing Tarot Card Readings

Good tarot readers are good at reading the cards, relating to people and marketing themselves. The people that become skilled in these three things will earn money as a tarot card reader. Here are ways to become a popular card reader

Tips for Great Tarot Card Readings


Always be a professional even if your client is not being sincere. If you have a client that is not sincere in their reasons for being there, you have always got to be sincere. Your number one objective is to want the best for your client.

Client Communication

Secondly, you need to make sure your client knows that the card readings are not set in stone. Things can be changed to avoid what the cards predict. Your client can use the cards to help mold her fate. In their essence, cares are reflecting patterns. These patterns can be broken. Therefore, the cards cannot dictate what will happen in her future.
If you flip a bad card during one of your readings, do not just tell your client the bad news. Give them ways to face their problems and overcome them. You should learn how to frame your interpretations in a way that will encourage her to find a solution to her problem and not wallow in the situation. In other words, you get your client energized and eager to find a solution. You can also fill her with ambition and hope regardless of what cards are flipped.

How to Get Work Doing Tarot Card Readings

There are many ways you can get work as a tarot reader.  Each has advantages and disadvantages.

1. Try to get hired at a telephone-based or internet based company like Oranum. This works by having the company forwarding clients to you. A dedicated phone line with no add on services is a must when you work for a phone-based company. You will have to log into the company’s computer and sit by the phone during your scheduled time. You will do readings as they come to you.  You also have the option with Oranum of doing online psychic chat or even video chat.

2. Go Freelance. You can brand yourself online with a website and internet advertising. In the real world, you can make business cards, take ads in local periodicals, or setting up places to read people face to face.

3. Join a networking group. It can be a local in-person group or an internet group or even a local new age or magical shop and offer to do tarot card readings for their clients.

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You can either work with a company or start your own freelance tarot card readings business. Photo by rel=”nofollow”>MShades

If you go freelance, you can find opportunities at various places.

  • You can be a party’s key entertainment by having readings at parties.
  • Rent yourself a booth at a psychic convention. This is a good way to promote yourself.
  • You can set up a table at a restaurant or bookstore. Most times all you have to do is pay the establishment a percentage of your earnings. Some bookstores will use as a way to draw in more customers.
  • You can set up an internet reading site and get your payments through Paypal.
  • You can also set up your own telephone Tarot reading business. You can still set up payments through Paypal.
  • You can open a storefront and read tarots in person. This will take a lot of overhead such as rent.

Legalities of Doing Tarot Card Readings

Tarot reading does have a downside. The downside includes laws, ordinances, restrictions and town rules. If you are doing tarot readings for money, you will have to research your local rules on providing this service.
You need to keep detail records and pay your taxes. Computer-based bookkeeping programs work the best. Make sure you do the books daily, and always back up the data. Backups should be off-site to be secure from fire and theft.
Also, it is best if you purchase an inexpensive insurance liability policy for an emergency lawsuit.

Reading People During Tarot Card Readings

As a professional tarot reader, you will spend your days observing people. This allows you to distract yourself from your own problems and needs. Since you know how problems can weigh on someone, you will make your clients feel better about themselves. As soon as you see a client, you should start observing them. Try to engage them in small talk before the reading. Do not be afraid to ask them questions, and always let them talk out a problem. Use your eyes to make a connection.

On the other hand, do not let a client take advantage of you. You should set a timer for all appointments. People can start talking and not stop. Some people have big issues and will talk forever. You do need to run a business. Before you start, tell your client the time limit. Do not put up with rude or disrespectful clients. It is your right to usher them out.

The best way to be a good tarot card reader is to be good at reading the cards and be intuitive about people.  So if you are, then get ready to start your own tarot card readings business today!

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