Western Astrology – January 2014 Predictions and Forecast

Western Astrology – January 2014 Predictions and Forecast

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According to astrology – specifically western astrology – January 2014 there will be a lot of different things going on. The first month can be a little more challenging since there are ten major planets that are involved. These planets will line up for a battle with the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Since Jupiter is hanging onto Pluto there could be a couple instances of mistakes towards the end of the month. Although as soon as Cancer is under the full moon which will occur mid month there may be some comfort found at home. During this time you should be careful of sensitive people since Venus is in retrograde and facing off with Mars.

Astrology Forecast and the Double New Moons

During this time we will also have two New Moons in one month. The second one will begin the Chinese New Year and also it will be the year of the Horse. Although several challenges start this new year there will also be plenty of time to relax and recuperate according to the astrology forecast.

The new moon in Capricorn will be present on New Year’s Day along with the Sun and Moon. They will face off with Pluto and Mars. At this time many will be dealing with extra obstacles. Some people will be upset which can cause aggravation and aggression. During this time things may be happening too fast which can also cause mistakes. These mistakes can most likely be present on the first 2 days of 2014. Bear this astrology fact in mind and know that at this time it is essential to think before doing anything.

Mercury and the Sun in the Astrology Forecast

free psychic chat free tarot reading astrology readingMercury and the Sun will begin a battle with Jupiter during this astrology forecast. This battle will occur during the weekend of January 3rd. At this time it will effect egos and demands of those that seek to be the center of attention. These types of situations may waste the time of certain individuals according to the astrology forecast. It is also a time to take a look into finances before spending.

January 6th will be a welcome change to some definite improvements as Mars starts to move into Jupiter’s area. At this time Venus and Mercury will make a cordial appearance with Saturn. It is advised to try and stay focused. The issues that have been experienced early will soon disappear. The feeling of quitting a job or running away can be better decided after the the 9th. During that time circumstances may change for the better or it will be a clearer time to make a solid decision.

The weekend of January 10th will bring optimism. It will also bring charming encounters along with renewed energy. Venus is responsible for this new found feeling as it crosses the Sun and flirts with Saturn. This is a good time for promotions and business success when it comes to a person career.

Astrology Forecast for the week of January 13th

The moon will enter Cancer on January 13th and Monday morning may put you in the mood to nurture. You may find sympathy for others and feel like helping out. Although January 15th could change all this as it becomes more emotional and certain people become more sensitive. It is time to deal with others emotions from a logical approach. This is all caused by an issue that Venus has with Mars on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Leo Moon begins on the the weekend of the 17th. Friday could be an exciting and busy day that will require a nap on Saturday. Since the moon is absent on Saturday after a brisk nap energy levels will return. Which will be just in time as Virgo takes over an organizational cleaning spell on Sunday. On January 19th Aquarius enters into the picture is a good time for organizing. Although it is not a good time for making major decisions.

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Many interesting things are in store for January, according to the Astrology Forecast. Photo by Stuck in Customs

January 20th which is Martin Luther King Jr Day will be met with optimism and cheerful moods. It is a day to celebrate. Since the Moon enters Libra at this time on the 21st it will create some balance. These astrological events will lighten the stressful events that have occurred earlier in the month. Along with Scorpio entering on the Thursday the 23rd could lead to some much needed passionate moment. These moments were missing on the 22nd when there was a minor upset and lack of emotions.

The weekend of January 24th could also be a pleasant weekend. Although there could be a few stubborn moments on Friday night as Mercury has a fight with Saturn. It is a time to avoid authority figures if possible. Although things seem chaotic they will quickly pass as Saturday night approaches. At this time the moon will enter calm Sagittarius with it’s easy going moods. Although Sagittarius can be a fantastic dreamer it is suggested to come down from the clouds just a bit and be realistic. Jupiter and Pluto will start to battle and if your mind is in fantasy land it could cause some issues.

At this time the moon will enter Sagittarius on the week of January 27th. It is a time to be enthusiastic and cautious when judging others. The judgment of others and their decisions may not be completely understood at the time since Jupiter along with Pluto will block hidden agendas. By being over confident and not having all the facts on the table failures could be met with improper judgments. It is a good time to avoid making any major decisions until this time has passed. Since the Sun and Uranus are still playing games use caution.

Once February 1st has arrived hidden motives will be revealed and better decisions with valid facts can be observed. A revelation of ideas may come at this time. Aquarius will help you think outside of the box. Since Jupiter and Pluto are tiring of their war it will be a good time to get some rest and relaxation. On February 6th with Mercury in the picture it may cause travel delays. As Valentine’s day should be peaceful with Leo present during the full moon. This peacefulness shall continue until the end of the month when Jupiter shows up and starts fighting with Uranus.

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